God gifts those who gift themselves

Heard such saying before?  Yeah this is the enhanced version of the saying which is based on my self realisation. Today I read about the Internet’s Own Boy,  Aaron Swartz. He was the one who with the grace of God learnt to learn at a very young age. His father introduced him to the computers when he was about three. He wrote his first program in BASIC when he was 6. Astonishing? Then listen some more. He developed a website called infobase when he was 12. It was a website like WikiPedia for which he got scolded at school as the teacher disliked the idea to allow everyone to edit the content. Now the best part is WikiPedia was developed 5 years later. Startled? 😛 You should be. And the title of the post indicates that you need to gift yourself with the gift of hardwork to continue receiving gifts from the Almighty which is what done by the people you call Legends.

Well for today this much of his golden tale is enough. I will try to be a good story teller by tomorrow too. :P.

Well I shared this story because I wanted to emphasise on the fact that good books good people good thoughts keep your spirits high and elated. I would personally acknowledge that the boy I told story of inspires me a lot. When you encompass yourself with the ideas and thoughts of such people you actually get motivated and pumped up to excel in life by emulating them which is actually too good a deed. So in my opinion to stay focused devoted determined towards your aim, surround yourself with good thoughts good people.

Other than this today I stayed immersed in the ocean of PHP and C++.


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