Do before you die

So the first quarter of the day was expended in having deep slumber as I was fatigued from many a day. The second quarter was spent in exploring incredibly creative websites, learning techniques to optimise images for websites. It can be done with the help of two tools “optipng” and “jpegoptim“. They tools do lossless compression and can be installed as follows

sudo apt-get install optipng

sudo apt-get install jpegoptim

respectively. Then another technique to decrease the size of an image is using “convert” command from the terminal. We can resize an image by increasing / decreasing the quality (50% below) as much as we want as follows:

convert -resize 50% image_name.jpg

Deepak and I share interest / longing to create websites seeing which one may become awestruck. One of such is .

In the next quarter I went to Alisha for covering CPlusPlus. We covered a few superb topics from Arrays and Strings, Robert Lafore. We also explored MediaWiki’s for picking up a task. Then I bought a couple of winter wear too from their Hosiery Sale (you may also shop online from their website 😉 ).

Now in the last quarter I have solved a big problem with common sense. 😉 My laptop was getting immensely hot despite the proper functioning of the fan. I surmised some extra processes must be running which were exhausting it. So I just issued htop command and to my utter surprise there were three process running with the same name “firefox” and different process ids but graphically I could not see firefox running. So I killed them using “kill” command. And to my utter surprise again the scorching temperature turned out to be like absolute zero (I felt like I needed applause. 😉 ) One may also learn about kill, top, htop and ps commands from this marvellous article from digital ocean.

And before the last couple of eye blinks I have almost completed the codecademy CSS which I aim to finish by today itself. I am just concerned if I would be able to attend Kamal‘s presentation but I WILL definitely attend the rest of the presentations (seems I have to change my eating / sleeping patterns 😉 ).


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