So in the last couple of days I got myself immersed deep into the ocean of learning cum implementing. It was fun grappling with fierce database of Librehatti and fetching the values from its DB was like snatching piece of meat from lion’s mouth. 😛 It took Jaskaran and me quite a while to fathom the flow of data and then figuring out our requirement. Thankfully I am done with the fetching values from the database but to render a final touch, a round table conference is required as some values are not stored in the DB.

Other than this, I completed the chapter, Functions from Robert Lafore which has made me a bit confident as I was oblivious of some concepts earlier. I also talked to Sean on IRC regarding the further plans for MaterialsDB GSoC project. Got some directions and now I am all set to work furiously. Parallely propagating things are Linux from Linux Foundation, HTML, CSS, PHP from codecademy.com .  It seems I am spearheading and I long to accelerate even more. 😀


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