Let’s conglomerate the Learning

So today in the second quarter of the day, I worked on the TCC website. I have made some further improvements like changing the TCC logo, a link to home page, added the services in drop down menu on the navigation bar, removed some bugs as reported by Deepak etc. I hope its present state is somewhat acceptable to Dr. Rai (although I know he is never settled down / content with things). 😛

So in the third quarter I discussed about entrepreneurship with my friend who studies in Thapar University. After discussing with him some of my plans hesitantly I realized that either people have tiny dreams or they just tend retard your motion if you try to do something off the track. The discussion first demoralized me but gradually as the time passed I got surged up to prove to a few.

In the third quarter I read some old mails of GD and tried to add my bit. Later I took the courses joined on http://codecademy.com/ 1. HTML & CSS 2. PHP and following is my progress:



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