Deadlines bear fruit !

Today’s day again brought me into the witness box. I was asked various questions by few but I could answer none. Most of the times I feel to be circumstantially obliged for having not been able to do but that is the essence of my life as quoted by Dr. Rai (upon discussing the same with him).

I used the second quarter of the day in making flexes which were need of the hour for our departmental HOD (Thanks! to Alisha and Sawan for their aegis). Thereafter I exchanged some words of wisdom and technology with Alisha. Her task of reading, parsing and using regular expressions is kind of curious to work on, so I take keen interest in it (not though on mail right now).

The third quarter and fourth quarter/2 of the day was used to first bring the data from .odt format to mysql database and then from mysql database to the TCC website. Although it was quite an exertion for brain yet I relished it. I would love to accept / accomplish further challenges from Dr. Rai. I WILL complete rest of the database-work by morn. So today I have been able to roll the pebble off the mountain cliff and it will gather snow to make a glacier now. 😀


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