C++ reins back in hand

So today was the day from the efficacy and performance of which I was self-content. First of all, I found the mistakes in http://ukiericoncretecongress.com/ as it was an imperative call from Dr. Rai. Hitesh, Sameer and me collaboratively shot down the errors in the website after Dr. Rai had a keen observant look over our work. 😀

After this Alisha and me cuddled the OOPs book, Robert Lafore. We have finally resolved to penetrate deep in C++ and work on a gigantic project (like Linux Kernel).  So following are the topics we assimilated from Robert Lafore:

  • pre-processor directives
  • variables
  • type conversions
  • library files vs header files
  • loops
  • decision making statements
  • operators and their precedence
  • structures
  • enumerations
  • functions (pass by value)

By tonight I will install / update my MediaWiki extension on BRL-CAD server.


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