So in the last couple of days I got myself immersed deep into the ocean of learning cum implementing. It was fun grappling with fierce database of Librehatti and fetching the values from its DB was like snatching piece of meat from lion’s mouth. 😛 It took Jaskaran and me quite a while to fathom the flow of data and then figuring out our requirement. Thankfully I am done with the fetching values from the database but to render a final touch, a round table conference is required as some values are not stored in the DB.

Other than this, I completed the chapter, Functions from Robert Lafore which has made me a bit confident as I was oblivious of some concepts earlier. I also talked to Sean on IRC regarding the further plans for MaterialsDB GSoC project. Got some directions and now I am all set to work furiously. Parallely propagating things are Linux from Linux Foundation, HTML, CSS, PHP from codecademy.com .  It seems I am spearheading and I long to accelerate even more. 😀


Let’s conglomerate the Learning

So today in the second quarter of the day, I worked on the TCC website. I have made some further improvements like changing the TCC logo, a link to home page, added the services in drop down menu on the navigation bar, removed some bugs as reported by Deepak etc. I hope its present state is somewhat acceptable to Dr. Rai (although I know he is never settled down / content with things). 😛

So in the third quarter I discussed about entrepreneurship with my friend who studies in Thapar University. After discussing with him some of my plans hesitantly I realized that either people have tiny dreams or they just tend retard your motion if you try to do something off the track. The discussion first demoralized me but gradually as the time passed I got surged up to prove to a few.

In the third quarter I read some old mails of GD and tried to add my bit. Later I took the courses joined on http://codecademy.com/ 1. HTML & CSS 2. PHP and following is my progress:


A day wasted or utilized?

So today Gurjot, Inder and me were asked by HOD of CSE department to be present in Project Lab 1 for NBA accredition was to visit. Unfortunately Gurjot and me reached college in time and this time reaching in time costed us a lot. We arrived at about 8 am and had to wait for hours. The NBA team arrived at about 4 in the evening and meanwhile we were allowed to move out of the PL1 lab. We tried working there but couldn’t 😦 , internet was flickering. So finally the team arrived and it comprised of two people. They sat comfortably asked all of us about our projects. Each one of us explained about our project well and they tried to delve deep into technology but we all handled that well too. 😀 In the end they seemed to be convinced as they could peep into the amount of hard work our students had put into.

Rejuvenating the Revivified, The TCC website

So as Dr. Rai asked me to build the TCC site up in a day, Kamal and I decided to finish the task off in time. So after some fruitful discussion with fellowmates we decided to remove all the images and extra animations from the site. We made it look as simple and elegant by removing all the images and setting the background with subtle patterns. Then later on I decided to stay with Sawanpreet Singh Dhaliwal (he being a civil student could help) to add the required content in the site. And we worked whole night in setting the things up and updating the content on the site. Hope it would be acceptable this time. 😀

Deadlines bear fruit !

Today’s day again brought me into the witness box. I was asked various questions by few but I could answer none. Most of the times I feel to be circumstantially obliged for having not been able to do but that is the essence of my life as quoted by Dr. Rai (upon discussing the same with him).

I used the second quarter of the day in making flexes which were need of the hour for our departmental HOD (Thanks! to Alisha and Sawan for their aegis). Thereafter I exchanged some words of wisdom and technology with Alisha. Her task of reading, parsing and using regular expressions is kind of curious to work on, so I take keen interest in it (not though on mail right now).

The third quarter and fourth quarter/2 of the day was used to first bring the data from .odt format to mysql database and then from mysql database to the TCC website. Although it was quite an exertion for brain yet I relished it. I would love to accept / accomplish further challenges from Dr. Rai. I WILL complete rest of the database-work by morn. So today I have been able to roll the pebble off the mountain cliff and it will gather snow to make a glacier now. 😀

C++ reins back in hand

So today was the day from the efficacy and performance of which I was self-content. First of all, I found the mistakes in http://ukiericoncretecongress.com/ as it was an imperative call from Dr. Rai. Hitesh, Sameer and me collaboratively shot down the errors in the website after Dr. Rai had a keen observant look over our work. 😀

After this Alisha and me cuddled the OOPs book, Robert Lafore. We have finally resolved to penetrate deep in C++ and work on a gigantic project (like Linux Kernel).  So following are the topics we assimilated from Robert Lafore:

  • pre-processor directives
  • variables
  • type conversions
  • library files vs header files
  • loops
  • decision making statements
  • operators and their precedence
  • structures
  • enumerations
  • functions (pass by value)

By tonight I will install / update my MediaWiki extension on BRL-CAD server.