Rebuilding the self-destructed Castle

So today I have rewritten the whole code of my GSoC 2014 because there was some misunderstanding in following the coding standards as BRL-CAD has not specifically documented any Coding Standards for web development. For reference, I referred to the web-code of MediaWiki on GitHub of BRL-CAD but that too betrayed. 😛 Its Coding Standards were not to be followed as it was not written with any bearings to BRL-CAD.

The Hacking file is only C / C++ centred so after clarifying with Christopher Sean Morrison I have rewritten the 60% of code. It takes hell lot of time to do manually (realizing the need of script to do that). 😉

Also I prepared / delivered a presentation on Linux commands viz. GREP, SED and AWK. It was fun learning them and I will be covering them down to the roots in near future. 🙂


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