Imnumerable pitfalls

Today I feel I have been trapped by odd circumstances all around. Whole week I have been wondering how impartially God has written my destiny. I am always stretched to the limit to get what I want but why am I worn and torn then? Being a pragmatic and rational person, I work against all odds hoping to get out of the pitfall which is a way of my life.

Till afternoon, I worked on TCC website. I learnt scaling and optimization of images. Then I set the set of four images in the theme for each department. There was some problem in the alignment and positioning of images which was resolved. But thereafter the bad luck kept sticking me. I deposited Gate fees online but it failed twice although the money was deducted from my account. I emailed all the addresses provided but didn’t get any response.

Thereafter at 4, I had to visit the protest against DMC Hospital, organized for getting the culprits of my friend’s sister(committed suicide because of mental torture by teachers of DMC) prosecuted legally.

Apart from all these, fighting against all odds and struggling to keep a balance between my professional and personal life.


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