Chasing the expectations

So today morning I woke up with a piercing thought in my mind of outputting more than being input(efficiency>1). I resolved to be in my hostel room for the reasons like seating problem at TCC, internet problem and moreover I wished for a serene aura around me to compensate the loss of time I have had.

So regarding TCC website I did a lot of coding stuff today. I am uncertain of what I did exactly but yeah I touched each and every file so minutely. To be specific,  removed the futile code from the pages of all departments, made transitions proper, added a couple of files to handle the mail to be sent from the website form of ‘Contact’. I combated with SMTP but in vain(will make it kneel down soon.). May be the diff link [1] of GitHub can explain better.


Other than this, I studied a bit about AWK command and a morsel of GREP too. Will be delivering presentation on these(including SED) on coming Saturday.


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