Stepping towards efficiency-surge

Today’s TCC website-progress:

  • made  distinct separate files, for one department each.
  • entered the data in all the departments.
  • added a new effect to show some images simultaneously of each department.
  • navigation bar made navigable from all the departments.

Will work on the appropriateness and optimization of images by morn.


Surge in self-pace expected!

TCC website-progress:

  • Updated the images.
  • Made the Departments clickable(One can navigate on any department by clicking on it.)
  • Updated the footer.
  • Fixed some problem of the button(to slide down) getting hidden.

On your mark, get set Go!

So after a tough and stalwart GSoC period I am back on feet again. I learnt PHP and have had experience with CMS: MediaWiki. Now I have been assigned the task to make the TCC website. I had tried the best to make it a masterpiece but as I am trying to do some serious manipulations I feel stuck because I don’t have any experience with HTML5, CSS3, Jquery and JavaScript. So I am trying to learn it as soon as possible. Although now I follow Sir’s approach to learn and implement side by side but this time I think I need to learn more to implement something more acceptable.

To meet the expectations of Sir and use time judiciously, I have divided the time in 3 fragments. Morning for HTML5, Evening for CSS3 and Night for GSoC.

So as per my schedule my today’s progress is:


HTML Introduction
HTML Editors
HTML Basic
HTML Elements
HTML Headings
HTML Paragraphs
HTML Formatting
HTML Comments
HTML Attributes
HTML Links
HTML Images
HTML Tables
HTML Lists
HTML Blocks
HTML Classes
HTML Layout
HTML Forms

CSS Introduction
CSS Syntax
CSS Selectors
CSS How To
CSS Backgrounds
CSS Text
CSS Fonts

NIGHT: Could not spare time for GSoC today.

Also I have joined $2500 course of Linux which is taught free now on edx but I will have to squeeze out time for that too. Then I have an IDEA to work upon too. In a nutshell I feel trapped cum motivated by responsibilities, dreams, expectations and deadlines. 😉