Tool in hand again!

So finally after a few days, I can see the ripples in the sea of my working time getting stagnant. I had a few fierce engagements which did not allow me even open the lid of my laptop(had issues with my birth certificate, passport appointment etc.). Although I managed to work everyday in tiny fragments this week yet I am encapsulating all up in this post as the work is not much.

So I began with Django which became the apple of my eye after Jasvir’s presentation(sometimes I feel I am moved too easily but this time I researched and then moved astray :P). I really hold the view that people tend to hate the things they don’t understand. So I began with the much recommended and hyped “poll app”. Today I did the following things:

    • installed Python 2.7.5+
    • installed Django version: 1.8.dev20140823121328 from GitHub as under:
git clone git:// django-trunk
sudo pip install -e django-trunk/

because I failed to download despite trying many a time.

Tomorrow I will begin with the poll app. Meanwhile I have also joined the $2500 course LinuxFoundationX: LFS101x Introduction to Linux for free on edX(search GD to hunt for more :P). Although I think I have a quite a decent acquaintance with Linux by now yet the learning, this way, is a fun indeed! I spare a little time for this course as this is self-paced and I try to go for this when I feel like course-rotating.

I have ended up with:

Welcome and Introduction

Chapter 01: The Linux Foundation

The chapter 01 consisted of the following:


  • The Linux Foundation is a nonprofit consortium dedicated to fostering the growth of Linux.
  • The Linux Foundation training is for the community and by the community. Linux training is distribution-flexible, technically advanced, and created with the leaders of the Linux development community.
  • There are three major distribution families within Linux: Fedora, SUSE and Debian. In this course we will work with representative members of all of these families throughout.


The sort of video lectures in the course make learning a thing to crave for a devoted learner. And the “tool” in the title of the post is my “laptop”. 😛


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