Track Payment Status–Pending (Passport, India)

Applying for passport online from is quite a good practice. You may get the appointment the very next day if slots are available, sitting at your home just a click away. But you may face some minor technical problems like I faced a few but you need not worry. I faced a couple of problems while making payment online through my debit card. Firstly I forgot my password, recovering which is quite a simple task. To recover your password just click on forgot password and it will direct you to through the procedure to recover it. Go for OTP(One Time Password) it will text you a number on your mobile number. Once you recover it, I recommend you to jot it down somewhere lest you may forget again. 😛

Then the second problem that I faced was that after recovering the password and making the payment through my debit card, the amount was deducted from my account(I got message on my phone) but was not reflected in the Track Payment Status link. It showed the payment status as pending despite the amount had been deducted instantly from my account.

I e-mailed at and called at Service/Helpdesk Phone No.: 011-41561114 too but you know government helpline numbers are seldom picked.

Solution: After making the payment, logout of your account on and re-login to your account. Then click on View Saved/Submitted Applications then select your application and then you will see a link Re-verify Payment. Click on this link and ENJOY! 🙂 Although this is a sort of bug in the website but I tried to provide the instantaneous solution so that we may not run hither and thither for the solution. And don’t forget to say thanks in case I have saved your life. LoL 😛


128 thoughts on “Track Payment Status–Pending (Passport, India)

  1. Sofia says:

    I applied for appointments in takal while payment it shows pending, I reverfy also but still show pending I don’t know what to do pls help me

  2. RAGHU says:


  3. Akshay says:

    I tried making a payment but it did not go through, re-verify shows payment in pending state. How do i re-initiate it??

    • karthik says:

      same problem for me can anyone guide. My payment got cancelled but in the re-verify it shows as pending and could not re-initiate.

  4. kabi says:

    I already tried it but it couldn’t .it shows pending….what shuld i do?

  5. SHP Rao says:

    Your suggestion helped to find the link. But now after clicking on the Re-verify button, nothing happens but just shows a page showing status pending.

  6. Vignesh says:

    thanks a lot

  7. Shavy says:

    I reverified it also but nothing happens…it just shows that its pending ..the money isnt deducted theres the transaction id.
    Wht to do plz reply asap or should i send u screenshot or wht? Tnx😓

  8. Kaustubh says:

    Thanks for the help buddy!!

  9. Ashish says:

    It is not working ! After trying to do the payment (which wasn’t successful since the SBI website snapped), the payment has been pending.

    I have been trying to re-verify it as follows –
    View Saved/Submitted Applications > Select > Track Payment Status > Click to re-verify pending

    After the click, the status still shows pending.

    Unfortunately, your suggestion has not worked for me.

  10. CHAITANYA says:

    I have applied for passport the payment was deduct from my bank but the status saying the failed transaction. pls tell me how i get back my 1500.00 from this

    • SNEHA SINGH says:


  11. Ashish says:

    Thanks. wasted 2 hours to locate.

  12. Sid says:

    You are on the payment page but due to some technical issue you are not able to do the payment.
    Now my Payment status shows pending.

    How to do the pay now and book an appointment.

  13. Tilak Sengupta says:

    Hi, I went for online payment, but the payment page from bank did not load. Now payment status is showing pending, and I am unable to proceed for payment. Any ideas how to resolve this? I would like the status to show “Failed” so that I can pay. Thanks a ton!

  14. Shital says:

    I made payment by SBI challan but can’t find re-verify link. plz help

  15. Vishakh says:

    Really helpful.. Thanks alot

  16. tyggh says:


  17. Mayank Jain says:

    Thanks a lot!

  18. Vijay says:

    I applied passport through online and made a online payment transaction but amount was debited from my account but i received technical issue on web page.Transaction over but i not received any thing so please help me how to recover it




  21. Aish says:

    Thank you

  22. sreshtha says:

    i am not able to get my appointment i paid the fees by challan still i dont know where to find it i am clicking on the options to schedule an appointment only getting a long list

  23. Venky says:

    Thank you buddy… you saved me a lot of worry and running around..i just logged out and logged in and found the re verify payment button that i was desperately searching for before finding the answer on your blog found through google… thanks a ton again …cheers

  24. DISNEY says:


  25. TheSheQuill says:

    i was freaking out. you are a life savor
    thankyou !

  26. Prachi says:

    Dear sir, what if I can’t see the link ‘Re-verify payment’? Please help!

  27. Vinod Kumar says:

    I tried may times and from different browser but it still saying pending status. Their customer care number is never available its always says busy. Sent email let see what reply we get.

  28. Amit says:

    My payment was not successful at the time of payment due slow server response. No amount is deducted from my credit card.I found my status shows pending from more than 5-6 hours. I did re-login several times but no luck .
    Payment Status (Internet Banking) Pending
    Click here to re-verify the payment– this also shows the same status. Please help.

  29. Hi,
    I have applied for passport, while making online payment at last the tab was closed, since then the status is showing as pending only in (track application status) can any one please help me out.
    Even doesn’t provide access to the payment tab.

  30. Aiman says:

    Where is this re-verify payment button on the page ??

  31. Chalapathi Rao says:

    I too faced the same problem. Amount is not debited from my bank account and I could see Pending status in passport site and it is not alIowing me to book further.
    After going through your comments, I understood this could be an issue with the portal and without re-thinking, I created a new account(as all the docs are ready) and scheduled the appointment.
    Hope this helps!

  32. SNEHA SINGH says:


  33. laxmi says:

    HI, I tried making a payment but it did not go through, re-verify shows payment in pending state. How do i re-initiate it??

  34. Nikhil gurav says:

    I did as u said but after re- verify the status still shows failed. But the amount is been deducted though….. Can u help me out

  35. thanks bro you helped me a lot I m able to do it. as followed your procedure.

  36. Hari says:

    If you have problem on payment showing pending and not able to make payment…go ahead fill a new application and make payment…I tried all the options to get out of pending payment status…nothing worked..applied fresh and completed

  37. Mehul Rana says:

    Transaction payment status pending .same problem

  38. Mohit Saini says:


  39. metamorphosis says:

    Thanks a lot man. You saved a nervous situation. The ‘Re-verify Payment’ link doesn’t appear unless you logout and login again. Thumbs Up!

  40. Thanks man, you saved a lot of time.

  41. Deepaj says:

    Can u tell what was ur PC configuration and browser with its veraion

  42. asopa says:

    you’ve been of great help, mate. Bless up !!!!!

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