Assortment of Technologies and Tasks

Today I reached TCC at 9:10 am ,will reach tomorrow by 9:00 am  exact. Straightaway went out and opened LUA second day consecutively. Today me , Kamalpreet and Gurjot tried to make a bit sophisticated model in librecadv3 using LUA.

TODAY’S tasks:

1. After exercising adequately  how to make lines, circles etc. in librecadv3 through Lua Script, we ended up making a “limp stick man”. It was quite appealing to see but wasn’t that tough. 😛

2. Explored object oriented PHP which I wish to deploy in GD-CAD materials database.

3. Helped colleagues with their problems esp. the one’s who couldn’t fathom compiling librecad3 even after reading the mail. I think that is just because they are totally laymen for Linux.

4. Looked for how to locate the points of our  choice on Google maps with the help of longitudes and latitudes.

5. Thoroughly enjoyed the presentation of Hitesh Sofat, got to learn many a new thing about frameworks, MVC, bootstrap and so on. Looking forward not to miss any of such presentations. 🙂

6. Honestly after reading Sir’s mail in brlcad mailing list, I really feel need to manage time so so judiciously because I feel the time after coming from TCC is not sufficient to complete my GSoC project in time as I am still a novice in programming. Need to do things wisely esp. time management.


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