The Dawn of Training

Today was the second day my training officially and I wish the dusk of my training does not  follow the dawn. I had been waiting for this period from so long with all my eagerness. I have been assigned to work on the GUI of GD-CAD throughout my 6 months training and not merely only this. CAD is the area of my interest I think as I am an admirer of maths, a lover infact. So today I did the following:

1. Learnt many a new things from Gagan’s presentation. Got a feeling that everything is tough till we get over it with our hard-work. We need to be consistent in our hard-work and devotion. And I personally feel I need to rebuild the self destructed castles. 🙂 Got a very decent view of how all CAD softwares work.

2. Walked further on the road of LUA, pretty pleasant language which itself endeavours to be understood.

3. Enjoyed various other presentations of other GD members. Got to learn many a new thing.  Rejoicing the CAD-fest. 🙂

4. Felt elated to be of help to all my GD family members. In a way I feel challenged to answer the things and queries of my fellow-mates. I am persuaded to learn the things or concepts I might have skipped.

5. Installed linux OS on various systems. It’s a two way learning. Felt good that even a new junior GD member taught me how to make a bootable pendrive from ubuntu startup disk creator. There is no shame in learning from juniors. Knowledge gaining is irrespective of seniority or juniority. 🙂


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