“Awesome” Mediawiki Extension

I have been studying about how to make an extension in MediaWiki. Recently I came across an extension called “Awesome”. What it does is that is simply boldens all the words which have the occurrence of the word-pattern “awesome”.

Procedure to install an extension in MediaWiki

Generally, at the end of the LocalSettings.php file (but above the PHP end-of-code delimiter, “?>“, if present), the following line should be added:
require_once "$IP/extensions/extension_name/extension_name.php";
(Here $IP is the absolute path where your MediaWiki is installed).
This line-code forces the PHP interpreter to read the extension file, and thereby make it accessible to MediaWiki.
Some extensions can conflict with maintenance scripts, for example if they directly access $_SERVER (not recommended).
In this case they can be wrapped in the conditional so maintenance scripts can still run.
if (!$wgCommandLineMode) {
   require_once "$IP/extensions/extension_name/extension_name.php";


Ensure that required permissions are set for extensions!
While this installation procedure is sufficient for most extensions, some require a different installation procedure. Check your extension’s documentation for details.
If you want to alter configuration variables in LocalSettings.php, you have to do this typically after including the extension. Otherwise defaults defined in the extension will overwrite your settings.
Caution! Caution: While extension declaration can be placed in other places within the LocalSettings.php file, never place extensions before the require_once "includes/DefaultSettings.php"; line for MediaWiki versions below 1.17 . Doing so will blank the extension setup function arrays, causing no extensions to be installed, and probably will make your wiki inaccessible until you fix it!

We can see the extension working via the following images, see the “awesome” word being boldened:







Teacher’s Day Gift

So after GSoC, I got the project to revivify the TCC website. Rai Sir gave me this task and asked to complete the work in one day. I was asked to follow any route to build the website viz simple HTML-CSS-PHP etc, WordPress, Django or any other framework. Having been in touch with PHP for a while, I chose it. Well, to avoid coding from scratch and getting the things done in a flash, I used an HTML5 theme and customized it according to our need. And having done that, I must honestly confess of not having ample expertise in web technologies like HTML-CSS-JS and as an aftermath of which I am facing a bit knotty situation. As a wayout from this menace, I have determined to sharpen my skills in these web technologies.

However, I was able to show a plausible reference TCC website to Sir within deadline[ 🙂 ] and although we cut the cake yet this was a more reasonable teacher’s day gift. 😀